Saturday, June 26, 2010

Party Time

It's Saturday which means there is birthday party for the kids. I'm a fan of weekday birthday parties. This works for us because we have some summer birthdays. It cuts back on the amount of people that come to the party and most important, husbands don't have to go. Let's be real, NO HUSBAND wants to attend a children's birthday party. Maybe their own kid, but it stops there. During football season, I don't want to go to birthday parties either. I will never understand the dads at parties while their favorite college team is playing. Moms don't need dads with them, it's just something they bitch about until the dads agree to tag along.

Today was going to be different. ALL the kids are going to the party because it's a swim party and there is a bouncy castle. There is no way I can watch all the kids with that much going on today. I figured I was safe asking Lance to come since it's summertime, and I have never asked him before now. WRONG. The USA plays at 1:00 today. Guess who is going to the party alone? I understand, but since I don't like soccer, today's game doesn't matter to me. I know, I must the be the only person who doesn't care about soccer right now. Lance even compared his desire to see the USA play to me watching TX-OU. Right. He can watch the game, but I'm not buying that comparison. It's not like he keeps up with soccer except every two years.

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