Monday, June 7, 2010

Send The Check To...

Lance loves this blog because it's another outlet for me to vent. He doesn't have to hear all my complaints. All. Day. Long. Sometimes, I'll be talking to a friend and say something about my blog and realize that they don't even read it. "What's the name again?" And I get all offended, but really, that just means I can talk about them behind their back. So here goes the newest annoyance that has been bothering me for weeks.

Lance has been invited to an out of town birthday party. He received the email with all the info, which included the cost of everything and an extra $50 for another gift. It didn't say anything like "if you would like to contribute" or "he would like this, send what you can". Nope, just a specific amount assuming that all parties can go out of town, pay for a hotel, meals, gas and an extra gift. I admit, I'm cheap, but not when it comes to gifts. I go ALL out. Our Christmas budget for others is $2000 and that doesn't include gifts for each other. (We have kids, godchildren, friends, cousins, aunts, uncles, etc.) BUT...I think this is so freaking tacky and presumptuous. Maybe as tacky as me stating my Christmas budget.

I admit that ever since Lance has received this invite, I have been bitching nonstop. Then came the final details email which upped the price of the contribution by five bucks. I almost wrecked the car when Lance told me. Of course, he'll contribute, we love this friend (and he isn't the one who made these arrangements so I'm not complaining about him) and after this weekend, I'll stop bitching. I promise. However, this weekend does screw over some key people with birthdays coming up. Sorry guys, your birthday money will all be spent this weekend. This would be Clint, Shea, the twins and my Godson. Maybe they should have sent me an invite with specific money requests.

Do I feel better about venting about this? Actually, I felt better last week at dinner when two of the guys who are also going and NOT CHEAP at all said the exact same thing without any prompting from me! Here's hoping LZ's friends don't read this blog.


  1. I had to forward this one to a couple of my friends, because this is exactly what happens to us in our office. (albeit on a much smaller scale) I work at a non-profit, and dont always have money to donate to gifts and cakes and lunches for birthdays, or whatever! But people dont ASK...they just TELL. Or order the stuff without asking and get mad when not everyone can contribute that much. And then if I cannot contribute at ALL, even if I do like that person, I get the guilt trip! I think it is so insulting to not ASK the question, or give people options!

  2. No you didn't.