Saturday, December 4, 2010

FB Stops Child Abuse?

Okay, if you read my blog, you know I'm somewhat of a bitch. Here goes another...please explain how changing your profile on FB is going to help stop child abuse? I almost didn't want to write this b/c I am now basically talking about my FB friends who all changed their profiles. I kind of think donating time or money to an abuse or outreach center would make more of difference. But then again, that might just be the social liberal in me.

SPEAKING of being a social liberal....I was so proud of my boys the other day. I donated a coat to a homeless man (yes, dad, the boys were in the car) the other night. They were so upset about this man not having a home. Their solution: take him breakfast the next morning.


  1. That stuff is dumb. Here's my FB post from earlier today on the subject.

    Cory Worrell-Supposed to change my avatar to a cartoon for child abuse prevention but I have a 6yr old so my views on child abuse change from min to min.

  2. We have to be the sane ones, right?

  3. Ha. I changed my photo to go along with this, just because I thought the cartoon thing was fun. But I completely agree with you on how it is useless. I dont think it serves any purpose....just like any of the breast cancer stuff on there, etc. But I couldnt resist changing my profile pic to Brainy Smurf. :)

  4. It's called "Raising Awareness".
    Donating dollars to organizations that may or may use that money wisely won't STOP child abuse either. Will it? Raising awareness is what it's about. Then people can decide to step in and help in whatever ways they choose.

  5. I thought this was funny on the subject.