Sunday, December 19, 2010

And Then There Were Five

Quite honestly, I didn't think we'd make it to five. On March 17, 2010, when we should have been celebrating St. Patrick's Day, we were having another miscarriage. Our fifth. And I was done. Over it. I was over having babies in heaven. I could see no grace in it any longer. Lance, who has always been more emotional than me, was done after finally seeing me show some emotion. Then as we were getting ready to leave for Chicago for Brian's graduation, we wondered if we were pregnant again. Just in case, I didn't take my usual Xanax and when we came home we found out that we were indeed pregnant. I wondered how Lance would take the news, but I shouldn't have worried. He was happier than I could have imagined.
This pregnancy has gone by so fast. It was uneventful, until we had that one ultrasound saying we were having a girl. One ultrasound was all they gave us. I didn't buy anything for fear it was wrong, but when I didn't have my usual fast food cravings, I knew it must be right. And on Friday at 12:37 pm, we saw her beautiful face.

This pregnancy has been so blessedly uneventful. It didn't seem like I was pregnant very long. And now we have this sweet little girl in our midst. The boys are all so excited. Even Goose who shows even less emotion than me was so overwhelmed to have a baby sister. He was the first one to see her because the Baby Hulk stepped aside and allowed his big brother to go in first despite me wanting it the other way around. I won't forget the love in Goose's eyes or how he crawled into bed with me because he was worried about me. The wonder of No David at this new baby. And biggest brother Squirt not wanting anyone else to hold his sister just like with No David. And sweet Baby Hulk was in love. He can't get enough of his sister. He really is my sweetest boy.

And my two special girls were there too. Both so excited and posting pics on FB to celebrate this special day. (Just think, one day I'll be visiting them in the hospital!) I would have been excited regardless of anyone else, but to see the love in my recovery room, just a bit over the two person limit, was overwhelming!

Then came my parents, my friend Stacy and brother. All within two hours of this little angel's life. Once we moved to the room, Lance's family came to see the newest Zierlein. Lastly, Cindy and Terese who always come as soon as possible were there. Today, I called a friend who hadn't responded to my text message on Friday because she never received it. She started crying at the news. I love the emotion a baby can bring out in people. This little girl has everyone's attention and she is less than two days old. It is so sweet to see my in-laws for the first time with a newborn and to see my parents go ga-ga again over a baby.

I know just how the Baby Hulk feels. I don't want to let this little baby out of my arms. We are so grateful to have her in our life. She really is our Christmas gift. And every time the boys bring up the damn tree, I'm going to point at her!


  1. Congrats. She's beautiful. I love the name too. With 4 older brothers she looks to be the most over protected girl in history.

  2. Nicole & Lance-What a Christmas blessing you have in your family. The pictures brought tears to my eyes & made me think once again about the importance of our families. I love her name too! Two very special meanings in her name. CONGRATUALTIONS once again. The pictures of the boys,Lance & of course you Nicole are PRICELESS. Those pictures remind me of all God's Blessings. Hoping you have a speedy recovery Nicole & NO CLEANING or STRESSING!

  3. So happy for you all! May God bless your family this Christmas with lots of "silent nights!"

  4. Congratulations Nicole!!! She is so beautiful and love her name, you are very blessed. Wishing you and the family a very Blessed Christmas.

  5. Thanks so much everyone. And I thought the name thing would be so difficult. It went down like this: Lance told everyone what her name was without really talking about it with me. He knew I liked the name, but didn't want me going back and forth.

    She is certainly making us all feel very blessed these days. Now for some sleep...

  6. The pictures with all your boys looking at her in wonder are absolutely gorgeous. Congratulations! :)

  7. Aww, that picture of Baby Hulk made me tear up. What an amazing Christmas gift for all of you! She's beautiful, of course. Let me know if there's anything I can do for you guys!