Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Nothing Says Christmas Like Darth Vadar?

I love Star Wars. The original three. I can even handle the Ewoks. Empire Strikes Back is a movie I can watch over and over again. The news that Empire Strikes Back is going into the National Film Registry made me happy.

It also reminded me of all the Star Wars Ornaments I have in the attic. Long ago in another lifetime, I dated a guy who loved Star Wars. In fact, Lance is the only person I ever dated that didn't like Star Wars at all. We used to decorate a tree and bought Star Wars ornaments every year. When Lance and I got married, he saw them and decided they weren't going on his tree. He didn't see the correlation between Darth Vadar and Christmas. After we had been married a year, I got an email from the old boyfriend asking about the ornaments. He wanted some of them since he had purchased some of them. To be clear, they were gifts to me, and not really something that you would split after a breakup. It's not like we lived together and purchased the stuff together. I couldn't believe he had the nerve to ask for the ornaments. I thought it slightly petty and ignored his email after telling everyone about it. Years later, I wish I knew where he was so I could get rid of the box of ornaments taking up space in my attic.


  1. Audrey broke the head off of Darth Vader this year. I'm pretty sure my wife put her up to it. I always put Vader front & center so he could rightfully rule over the presents. RIP Lord Vader.

  2. Hello! Have Lance auction them off to the highest bidder of the Star Wars freaks at 1560! Oh wait they probably already have all the ornaments! Those guys crack me up with their Stars Wars sounds & being CRAZY about that stuff. I never got into those movies at all. Another idea ship all of the ornaments to one of those Star Wars conventions & sell them. You might be able to send 1 child to College if you ask a high enough price! BTW love the Christmas Picture!

  3. Corey, That's like when my mom used to tell me I could keep the cash my dad gave me to place in the church offering.

    I have two Hallmark Darth Vadars if you want one. Although I would hate to get on your wife's bad side!

    Denise, My favorite part of the Mug Awards was the Storm Troopers. Loved it! I have been trying to sell this stuff on Ebay, the money just isn't there. But I could be nice and give them to Chance for the office! Of course, what if one of my sons loves Star Wars one day...

  4. Nicole-Even though I'm not a Star Wars fan that too was one of my favorite moments at Mug Awards. I have several pictures of us with the Storm Troopers that was VERY COOL! Hold on to them incase one of the boys is into Star Wars one day, even if they are not those damn things will be worth MORE & MORE money everyday! Sad listening to the last Sean & John show. I have listened to them at work every afternoon for the past 3 years. :-( So many memories.