Saturday, December 4, 2010

My Day

Despite a bad start this morning in the form of a super cranky Baby Hulk, the day turned out almost perfect. Goose and the Baby Hulk went with me to the Symphony this morning. The timing couldn't have been better because we have been studying instruments at home this past week. The concerts are perfectly timed, and the boys enjoy this sort of thing every so often. I really appreciate what Houston has to offer kids in the form of "arts".

Afterwards, I managed to find gifts for all the boys from my dad and ordered them online for him making it even easier for him. Since my dad gets really mad at me if I don't have gifts lined up for the boys, this is a HUGE weight off my shoulders. I think I have convinced him that he is done shopping for them.

During this whole time, Squirt cleaned out his room. We all know how I love purging and cleaning out stuff. I haven't even gone to inspect, but by the looks of the bag leaving his room today, he has room to share his closets with someone new, if needed.

Tonight, we went to a birthday party for the Baby Hulk's best friend. The three little ones went and had a blast. We came home in time for the Big 12 Championship game. Of course, I had no real interest in the game, but Goose was dying to watch football. He wanted to know if we would ever cheer for OU. I explained to him that "No, we would never cheer for OU, but that if them beating a team would help us, then we would be okay with them winning." In this case, nothing can help us, so he has been screaming for Nebraska all night long. I LOVE this kid. Considering his love for football, I have to wonder how long he can stay at the nerd-fest his school is. (And I know, nerds love football too.)

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