Monday, December 13, 2010


Am I a Grinch about certain Christmas traditions? Maybe a bit. Let's just say I'm over Elf on the Shelf and it's only day one for him in our house. I decorated yesterday, and out he came to watch over the kids so he could report their behavior to Santa. Cute idea, I guess, but the elf is super creepy looking. And I have to move him every night so there is proof that he flew back to the North Pole. Our elf was a bit lazy last night and didn't go anywhere. Oops. And of course, the kids noticed. Like I said, this is a cute idea to keep kids in line about behaving, but honestly, it doesn't change any behavior.

The threat of not getting anything from Santa doesn't do a thing for my kids either. Maybe that is because I don't go overboard about Santa. It's not the whole lying to my kids thing, it's just that I don't really put much thought into Santa. We barely get pictures taken with him, we don't write letters to him, and most of their gifts come from us. So Santa isn't a huge deal around here. Personally, I can't wait until Goose finds out there isn't a Santa. There is no way he doesn't crush the Baby Hulk's world in seconds with that information. He's just that mean.

Then there is the tree. Every year the boys pick out the tree with Lance. I'm not allowed to go shopping with them, which is great for all parties. The problem: Lance and I are so itching for a fake tree. My best friend said I was being a Grinch, but what about all the other people with beautiful trees that don't make a huge mess? Are they losing the spirit of the season too? I don't think so. I just don't think I can deal with the mess of a real tree, plus the money saved, not wasting a real tree and on and on. Then tonight at dinner, Squirt asked why we didn't get the tree tonight. What to do about this? Tradition over beautiful convenience...


  1. Fake prelit trees are the best. Don't worry about being a grinch you can rest easy knowing you're not half the grinch I am.

    I'm glad Audrey already questions whether or not Santa is real. I can't wait for that gig to be up.

  2. Nicole-With the allergies my family members have with real Christmas trees they had to go years ago. I was always sick as were the boys with a real tree. I thought I was horrible when I got the 1st fake tree WHAT A FOOL I WAS! I just wish my current one was prelit. Most people can't tell that mine is fake & I love it. Go for the NICE FAKE PRELIT TREE! For the $$$ you pay for 2 "Real" Christmas trees (that leave crap everywhere) you could have one AWESOME zip it in the big tree storage bag for years TO COME!

  3. Fake prelit! So much easier, and so pretty.

    I love the smell of real ones, but my mom and I collect ornaments....from places we go, things we like, etc, and many of these that we get are way too heavy for real tree limbs, so I moved to the fake prelit a while ago. So convenient, and it always looks gorgeous.

  4. Wow, you are just full of the holiday spirit! :-) Get a damn fake tree. I had one my whole life, we have one now. We only had real ones in Philly when we could by them at the end of November and they still looked good at Christmas.

    But I'm with you on Santa. I'm so ready to quit worrying about crushing someone's spirit by letting it slip. Unfortunately, Kate will believe until she dies. She believes in all things magical. So much so that even if I TOLD her the truth she'd call me a liar.