Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Get Moving Now

Disclaimer: This post is of no interest to men. I promise. And I warned you.

When it comes to my weight, I'm vain. I admit it. With the normal size of my chest, I've always had to be skinnier because my chest made me look bigger than I really am. I've always been one of those "I just need to lose five pounds" kind of girls. Then I became that women, then I hit my 30's, and I loved my body. It was a perfect size for me. Then I got pregnant and gained over 60 pounds. I lost the weight, but wasn't where I wanted to be. So then I got pregnant with the Baby Hulk and decided I would try and pump breastmilk to lose weight. The fact that it helped my NICU baby at the time was a bonus. But really, it was a pain and the only reason I continued was the rapid weight loss I experienced. And when I had No David, it was the same way. I could eat whatever I wanted, pump a ridiculous amount of milk, dump whatever milk might be tainted with alcohol and be skinny and have food for my baby.

I don't particularly enjoy pumping milk, but I could never bring myself to actually breastfeed despite all of my friends doing it and loving it. Live with this chest your whole life and see if you want a baby hanging on it for even one second. So vain me pumped so much milk that I lost a ton of weight, could workout and keep it off and eat whatever I wanted. I assumed it would be this way again.

What a bad assumption. And here is the annoying part of me...it's day four and despite giving birth to a seven pound baby, a placenta and starting to pump, I've lost five pounds. WTH? Yes, I am already stressed and Lance had the nerve to say it was because I ate a bunch of cupcakes at the hospital. So not the thing to tell me. Then he said I should eat like he does for QWL, and I would see results. (Not that he was saying I wasn't losing weight fast enough, he just didn't want to hear me complain.)

I am pumping and engorged. I've pumped two days and am not making a dent. Did turning 40 really make the difference in milk supply and weight loss? Okay, it's only day four, but still....I am more than frustrated right now. To make matters worse, I am now having to call the creepy lactation consultants for help. Here's a thought to make more women want to breastfeed, (because despite the fact that everyone I know does it, the overall numbers are super low), find consultants that aren't creepy. Is it a job requirement to be a creepy 50 to 60 year old woman? I have searched for answers online to no avail and if things don't get better in a few days, because right now the pain level from being engorged makes me feel nothing from my C-section, I will be calling them for help.

I am waiting for any sign that things are going to be normal as far as recovery goes...night sweats- I have none, milk- it would appear I have nothing but boobs bigger than your worst national geographic image, at least 12 pounds weight loss in week one? Anything would be nice.

So maybe I'm freaking out a bit early, but like I said I am super vain about weight. Plus, my chest really needs some relief in the form of milk release! So I am now praying asking for relief. I would have never predicted that prayer would come from my lips!


  1. Ann Kingrey out here in Sugar Land is an amazing consultant! She's in the lactation center at Memorial Hermann Sugar Land. Not creepy at all! Good luck!

  2. Thanks so much! I know it's early to stress, but in the past my milk supply is so high that Lance jokes about me selling milk, not donating! I have a feeling that I'll be calling Ann.

    Merry Christmas with your family. Hope you have a safe trip. Your little baby is so flipping adorable.

  3. I think I should have skipped this post, too. Ha! As a woman with no kids, I totally cant relate to what you are going through, except to say that it sounds like zero fun!! But I do hope it gets better. :)

  4. Thanks Jill! Merry Christmas! Going to the party tomorrow morning around 9ish. Are you going? Baby Z will be with me.

  5. I was thinking of stopping by before I head out! If I do, I'll look for you! If not, have a WONDERFUL and Merry Christmas! :)