Friday, December 31, 2010

Sports Crazy

Goose is out of control. Every morning he gets up and watches the shortcuts, an NFL game in less than 30 minutes, that Lance has recorded from the previous week and then Sports Center. The kids can tell us scores from games, players from different teams...basically he is my husband and brother, but only six. Lance says he wasn't this interested at Goose's age. I must admit I am super proud of him.

And it's not just football.

He scrolls though all the channels looking for both football and basketball games, shouting who will be playing and when. (In fact, he can now work the remote better than me.) He got mad at Lance this morning because we don't subscribe to a channel that had a replay of Auburn versus South Carolina.

The only problem with this obsession: I have caught him watching women's Big 10 basketball twice in the past week. This is taking things a bit too far.

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