Monday, December 27, 2010

Scenes From Christmas~ 2010

While this time of year is a bit busier for us with a newborn, we managed to keep most of our traditions, just on a smaller scale. My mom even let us borrow a Charlie Brown type Christmas tree, which all four boys HATED. It's not that Lance and I loved it, but I am more than happy that I don't have much work dealing with a tree this year.

Despite my plans to bake before Baby Z arrived, it didn't happen. So last week, I spent a day and a half power baking for family and our butcher. We didn't bake as much as normal, but we did have five kinds of cookies plus bread.

1560 party...yes, I went and took ALL. OF. MY. KIDS. Chelsea came into town to drive us out there. I think she has a future as a nanny, but she seems committed to finishing school at Bama. I love this party, Chelsea had never been before and was surprised at the amount of people there. It's hard to explain, but it's something that listeners really enjoy being a part of. Everyone was super nice and excited about the baby. And I got to meet Jill in person, someone I met through the blog, that I feel like I know really well! The only thing missing from the party was Ragin Bull Tailgaters.

The kids were finally able to check out some lights on Christmas Eve. I don't know why they love it so much, but they do. Despite all the tackiness out there, nothing says Christmas time more than outdoor lights.

Lance offered Squirt the chance to eat at Trulucks alone. I thought it would be nice, just the two of them having a nice meal alone. Squirt would have none of that. He wanted to pick up the food and bring it home so the entire family could eat together. There are so many times that I wonder if we have this parenting thing down, ESPECIALLY now that we have a teenager, but this is proof that we are doing something right. It must be. Now to remember this the next time I get pissed off! Of course, he did walk to the dining room table in a sleeveless shirt, and when I asked him to change, he put on a white undershirt instead. He finally got it right on the third try.

The boys, even Squirt, had some sort of X-mas pj's. The Baby Hulk picked out Baby Z's pj's, which were not my favorite, but turned out to be the only thing that fit. And while Lance grumbled the entire time, he managed to get some great pictures of my kids!

This is it as far as the nativity scenes I set out this year.

First thing Christmas morning, the boys placed baby Jesus in the nativity scene!

One of my all time favorite nativities...there is a larger version that could go on a table, but I have nowhere to put it.

We went to Mass before opening gifts, and the boys were so good again. It is so awesome to me that they can see all their presents sitting under the tree and not fuss about having to wait. They are very normal kids, they love presents, but on this day, they amaze me with their willingness to wait and worship before opening a single thing. And this year my parents went more overboard than usual, but as my mom said there weren't any gifts she regretted or wanted to save for a later date. The kids have been playing nonstop with their new loot, so while they may be on overload, I am happy to report that both the kids and I are satisfied with their choices. Now for time to sit with my new MAC.


  1. Awesome Christmas! "Squirt" is so grownup, and you are such awesome parents.
    I seriously just did a blog post about meeting you. :) I'm so very shy, so I can't believe I went up to you at the party! SO very nice to meet you in person, though.
    P.S. I MIGHT have a hookup on old 97s tix in march if you didn't get them for Christmas. :)

  2. That is really funny! Same post, different blog! It was great to meet you too. And both Lance and I can't believe you are shy...he said "she's an event planner!" Regardless, so very happy to meet you in person!

    And no, I didn't get tickets. Lance said he didn't want to get me something I could buy myself. Not sure I'm buying that one. So, if you can help, let me know. Not missing that show!!!