Sunday, December 12, 2010

Daybook~ Countdown

For Today...December 12, 2010

Outside my window...It's cold again. Really cold. So cold that Lance had to put the plants in the garage. At one point, I swear, he said, "get out here and help." I totally pulled the pregnancy card on that one. Plus, he didn't want to hear, again, how I had been on my hands and knees cleaning all week.

I am wearing...a pink shirt and blue sweats. And Snoopy slippers.

I am listening to...the Connells.

17 how long it took before Lance gave me my Christmas gift. He was sleeping for 7 of those hours.

Around the house...we've had quite the week. Travertine in foyer replaced, looks so awesome. Major cleaning due to all the dust from the initial travertine being ripped out. Shelves up and mostly filled!!! So happy about that. And decorations done except the tree. In my opinion, the house looks nearly perfect. Now for the blinds and dustboards...

For the baby...bassinet up, Thanks Emily! Car seat here, bought a new cover, baby clothes stored in third drawer and bag packed for hospital. Now I just need to find a diaper bag! And maybe buy a package of newborn diapers!

The Baby SO. EMOTIONAL. Everything is either great or terrible. And he fusses like no other. But he is so sweet. Today he saw the bassinet in my room and wanted to know why it wasn't in their room. Goose just said, "what if she wakes us up". I can always count on Goose to see the whole picture. I love how sweet BH is and pray he always stays this way and that some of it rubs off on Goose.

No really turning out pretty cute. Maybe he senses there is competition coming. He is talking so much lately, and we seem to think he's so funny. Tonight, I caught him twirling one of my nativity ornaments. When I told him to stop, he screamed NO.

Goose...blew me a kiss after I dropped him off at school on Friday morning. At times, he is slightly cold, (a nice way of putting it) and I loved this gesture from him.

Squirt...remembered being the first to walk in the room after Goose was born. He and the boys will be the first to see this baby too.

Christmas prep...Didn't get very far this week. I still have the same two gifts to purchase. The goal is to wrap everything I have by Thursday and store Santa gifts in the attic. I need to finish baking and make sure Lance orders my tenderloin for Christmas day. I have a simple and delicious menu planned.

From the planned, simple all week long. I'm more interested in the sweets anyway.

On living the liturgy...we had a great week. Technically we're not doing a Jesse Tree (b/c quite honestly, I didn't really know much about it), but we are completing a coloring sheet each day and reading the relevant scripture. Next year, I have big plans for the Jesse Tree. We celebrated the Feast of Our Lady of Guadalupe as well as the Immaculate Conception this week. We even met for Super Saints which made me and the boys so happy. All of our Advent books and Christmas books are out right now, so my guess is that our days will be filled sitting on the couch reading books.

To be fit and happy...last Friday I actually left spin early. I just couldn't get comfortable, and I just decided it didn't matter if I left early. I am hoping to make it to two classes this week only b/c I will miss class for six weeks after the birth and I really love this class.

One of my favorite things...nativity scenes. I have so many beautiful nativity scenes, but this year I didn't unpack much. I know I won't be in the mood to pack them all away, and the reality is that I don't trust anyone else to pack them for me. Since I don't really have room for big nativity sets any longer, I also have a tree devoted to nativity ornaments. Here are my new purchases this year!

I am praying for...the baby and delivery. At my appointment on Friday, I had to have the serious talk with my doctor...problems that could occur and what she would do if anything happened. Then there was the lady from the swim club who talked about getting an infection during delivery. I know it's my doctor's job to inform me, but the other lady...Anyway, I am excited about this baby and feel confident everything will go well, but any prayers would be appreciated.

I am grateful husband who finds me sexy despite being super pregnant.

A few plans for the week...besides have a baby??? Workout, day with Lance, clean, swim lessons, bake, wrap gifts, find a name(!), take it easy...

A picture thought I am sharing...

No David was so sweet this week. After Lance set up the lights, he ran inside and grabbed Snoopy. He then took him outside to show him the lights.


  1. Aw....those pictures in the bottom are so sweet!

    Wow...I cant believe it is baby time already ! I swear I was JUST reading your announcement about being pregnant! This year has flown by.

    Im praying that you have an awesome week and a healthy and happy baby!

  2. 1) What did Lance give you?
    2) How long do I have to wait before I can come see your new baby after she's born without seeming rude? Do I have to wait until you get home?

  3. You can come to the hospital if you want. I am pretty much implementing a no company rule, including family, those first two weeks at home. (Dr's orders too.) I am not normally a weirdo about kids catching things and people stopping by, but with seven people in the house, and me pumping right after surgery, I want some time at home alone to get used to that many people. Is that bitchy? Anyway, if you want, come to the hospital.

    A glass fused plate for my new shelves. Will post a pic. Love it!

  4. No David is a cutie, most of the time! Thanks for the prayers. I can't believe it's already here! Time really flies and not always in a good way.