Sunday, December 5, 2010

Daybook~ Making a List and Checking it Twice

For Today...December 5, 2010

Outside my window...lights are on up and down the street. Despite having to run A LOT of errands today, Lance managed to finish most of the lights today. I did gently remind him that he didn't want to be "that guy" and not have any lights. Last year we didn't decorate the house until the middle of Advent, and I really loved it. There isn't really a right time to decorate, but for me waiting allows us to PREPARE and ANTICIPATE Christmas for all it's glory and wonder. And this year, we have even more to be excited about! We'll decorate next weekend...Can't wait until longer because we'll have the baby. But for now, I'll enjoy our lights and those around us that remind us of this joyful season.

I am listening to...the Old 97's. What can I say?! Actually, I'm hoping this will be a little reminder of an easy stocking stuffer from my hubby. Concert tickets, please!

I am pj's.

I am almost done...with my shopping, only two more gifts to purchase. And it would seem that both my parents are pretty much done with my family too. Except me. What is wrong with that picture??? Actually, I don't really have a list going except things like "spin shoes" or a MAC laptop.

I'm ready for this baby...WRONG. For the past two weeks, I have felt really pregnant and am so tired. BUT, I have a huge list of things to do. I need the car seat, car seat cover, new diaper bag, where are her clothes going and so on. I have a list. Not too big, but a list nonetheless. Plus, I just got a GC in the mail from a couple to purchase a new bassinet. I feel like a total heel b/c I kept saying how that was the one thing I needed. I hope I wasn't too pushy. Esp since my mom has been saying she wants to buy it, and I have refused to allow her to do so hoping to find one to borrow instead.

Around the house...buying my shelves tomorrow. AND...major nesting: getting the tile in the foyer fixed this Wednesday (I hope). THEN...I am hiring a babysitter to come hang with the kids while I clean the house from the blinds and window sills to the dust boards and floors. Then the decorations will come down.

From the learning's all about Advent, then Christmas until after the New Year. We'll throw in some math in the form of baking and such, but overall we'll be taking it easy. It's hard because the Baby Hulk was upset today when he realized he had missed school. We had a great week talking about Instruments which we'll continue as we listen to some Classical Christmas music. We have to make crafts and sweets over the next 9 days because after that we're not doing anything to mess up the house!

On living the liturgy...There are so many things I love about Catholicism, but the liturgical calendar has to be one of my favorites. There are so many days to celebrate. So many lessons to learn. So many reasons to be grateful. This year I made a big list of all the feast days during Advent and continuing through Jan 6. I carefully decided what we wanted to cover so that we wouldn't be overwhelmed and feel like we were checking things off a list. We'll see if my plans work this week when we have three days to celebrate as well as continue with the Jesse Tree and Advent wreath.

From the planned. Now I need to make the list for the baking. I have narrowed it down to six kinds of cookies this year. Wonder if I will get it all done.

To be fit and body is really feeling this baby now. I feel the 52 extra pounds I am carrying. EVERYWHERE. I had never had round ligament pain before this pregnancy, and I can't say I like it much. I feel it all the time and at times double over from the pain. That said, I am very happy that I can still workout. I have 5 spin classes left before baby arrives and I plan to be at all of them. Now if I can just have some healthy kids for the next month or so!!!

Please explain...why Ben Folds is a judge on Sing Off. Is anyone who is on this show going to know who he is?

I am praying for...calm during the rest of Advent and this pregnancy.

I am grateful...for my family esp. Lance, my friends. And baby gifts! I have some really generous friends. And I didn't even have a shower for this little girl.

One of my favorite things...Christmas cards. We received our first card yesterday from one of the Boys' friends. Baby Hulk was so excited! Now if only I had a family picture, but I suppose I can use one from the Baptism and stand in the back, right?

A few plans for the shelves, clean, organize and wash baby clothes, pack hospital bag and finish shopping.


  1. I may have to give the Old 97s a listen, since you talk about them so much. :)


    I agree with the Ben Folds thing....I bet so many people say "WHO??" when he is introduced, but Im kind of excited about that show, even though I usually hate contests/reality/talent shows and refuse to watch them.

    CASTLE is new tonight! Finally. Also, have you been watching The Good Wife?? I think it has gotten really good. Gone from the show that I just watched because NOTHING else was on to being a season pass on my TiVo!

    I hope your boys all stay healthy. :)

  2. You have to listen to them! And not just b/c I love the lead singer. Denise, Corey and I (wearing 1560 shirts?) will all be there this spring when they come back. You should join us!

    Shelves! yes! I ended up going with SUPER basic IKEA. My first IKEA purchase came as a married mom! For whatever reason, I find that really funny. Now...for Lance to put them together and attach them to the wall. I already talked to Solis about sending someone over to help!

    Floor being torn out tomorrow. Costume drawer cleaned out for new baby G clothes! Washing newborn outfits as I type. (Lance says this will surely make my water break.) Will post pics once all is perfect!

    So excited about the new Castle coming on. And yes on The Good Wife. I was actually kind of over it, then the last two or three episodes have pulled me back in. Of course, I want Alicia with the guy from that one show. Love him! I don't like the whole thing with the two private investigators though. Although my dream job would be a PI, so I like watching how they work. I've always considered myself the ultimate snoop.

  3. YES Nicole we will be there for The Old 97's show at HOB in March. We really need the new 1560 shirts but they are not very easy to obtain. We both have 3 of the original ones but they are worn worn worn out!

  4. I had a friend give me a bunch of Old 97's albums! I just need to listen to them now.

    I still need a new 1560 shirt, as well. Mine are starting to fade from constant wear, too.

    On The Good Wife, I kind of like the girl that our fave guy from Sports Night is with now...I kind of hope that lasts so it can make Alicia loosen up some before they put them together. Girlfriend is rigid! :)

  5. Alicia drives me crazy! And it doesn't help that I really don't care for the actress much either. I do like his current girlfriend...she is too perfect.

    LISTEN NOW. You won't regret it. You have until March to fall in love with the band!

    I don't even have a new 1560 shirt! I think this time they are all t-shirts as opposed to the chick shirts they sold last time, which I never bought b/c I was post baby with nursing boobs. I couldn't even squeeze into an XL. I was kind of annoyed that Lance didn't offer up his "spit blood on my driveway" quote regarding AP as a quote for the shirts.