Sunday, February 28, 2010

The Big Bust

Yesterday was the day, Baby Hulk's first soccer game. So far, he hasn't been all that enthused about soccer because it has been super cold during his practices. Yesterday wasn't too cold in the morning, so I wasn't worried about the weather affecting him. He had been dribbling and kicking the ball really well at home, so I knew he would play well.

All I can say is what a freaking waste. This kid owes me seventy bucks for the entry fee. And I am not kidding. He wouldn't even go on the field, much less kick the ball. It's hard not to be one of those parents that stands on the sidelines screaming at their kids. Especially since this is three year old soccer, but it is so damn frustrating to have a pouty kid that won't go on the field or once on the field just stands there. I have no desire to get up on a Saturday morning and get all the kids out of the house and to the soccer field just so Baby Hulk can act like a brat. And that is exactly how he acted.

Some may say it's my fault for putting a three year old in soccer. Goose did t-ball at three and was fine. Since the little ones don't go to day care during the week, I want them to have some outlet to see other kids besides play dates. Guess this plan backfired. Baby Hulk has ruined spring sports for Kobra when he is three. Thanks, kid.

Little man has one more chance, he either gets it right next week or we're done for two years. Such high hopes smashed within a matter of minutes.


  1. No way. Kate did that when she was three and I made her go to every single game. She joined the team, she was showing up. About midway through the season she got on the field. But it was another two years before I let her try again. At five she joined another team, but broke her arm after one practice. (Not a soccer-related injury). Didn't even play a game. Now she's signed up to start next week and is very excited. We'll see.

  2. Was that her first broken arm or second?! I am sensing that Kate and BH have a lot in common. I will probably do the same, just won't be bringing the kiddos to watch. The thing is, I know he can be pretty decent (whatever that means at this age). When Goose played he ran up and down the field, but never kicked the ball-didn't want to get hurt. But BH doesn't care, he should be the obnoxious player based on his personality and abilities seen at home. It's very interesting how kids act. Goose is the shy one of those two, but never acted like a little baby during organzied sports.

    Good luck with Kate. And way to go on learning to ride her bike. Can she teach Goose?