Sunday, February 21, 2010

Stations of the Cross

This is what we'll be using as we pray our Stations of the Cross. Lance and I made this for the family today. (A little late). I am really excited about it. I found the idea online, of course, and instead of numbers that family used small pictures. We thought the numbers would be better since three of our four children are so young.

We are also using two different station books when we pray. We have a short little book to pray with the young children, which is still helpful for the rest of the family. And we have a fantastic Stations of the Cross booklet for the Family from my old parish. This past Friday Goose read two stations, then I would read two stations and so on. Goose picked that particular pattern. After each station we talked about what was said and how we might change our behavior. The little boys seemed to enjoy praying a bit more this year. Obviously, each year will be different as their understanding of this prayer grows, but even at three, Baby Hulk understands the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross. BTW, if anyone is taking bets on us having a priest in the family, it's my little cusser, BH. Of course, I probably don't have a priest in the family, but if I do, I can promise it will be him.

ANYWAY...I am really excited about what we made for the children and can't wait to pray the stations as a family again so that the kids can blow out each candle after a station is read.

I also have a basket with our different books regarding Stations of the Cross, a coloring book for Stations, The Giving Tree, and The Legend of the Three Trees. I see a huge Amazon order coming this week because I found a bunch of other books our library needs.

I don't normally try to get preachy on my blog because it seems so not right coming from me, but I have to really encourage everyone to pray the Stations of the Cross during Lent. You won't regret the time spent doing so.


  1. Looks so good, Nicole and Lance!! I love it. So, why the numbers and not pictures? I would of thought the opposite. Kuddos for the Roman numerals too! ;-) (BTW, if you want to get rid of any books there is a wonderful family north of you who would use them...he he)

  2. Jaclyn, We chose numbers over pictures because the ones we found were small and slightly grainy (sp) looking. The type on the station, for example, "Jesus Falls", didn't print well for us. So, we thought numbers would be better esp since we have a couple of small books each can look at while we pray. They will get the image from the books instead, and learn their Roman numberals from us!

    If you want the link to where I found the idea, send me an email and I'll send it to you. She has the images linked on her post.

    BTW, I am finally ordering stuff this week, including your books. Finally, right??? I just wanted to check at half price books first. EM is always finding books there.