Monday, February 15, 2010

My Daybook~ Busy Week

For Today...February 15, 2010

Outside my is freezing. Today, we had a play date planned for the park with lunch included. It was so flipping cold that the other family left within ten minutes. My kids who aren't always the toughest, well, they wanted to stay for another hour. So I jumped around trying to stay warm.

I am listening to...a workout mix. No silence for tonight. And that's good for tonight.

I am wearing...jeans and a t-shirt.

I am thankful for...the chance to start over every day and sometimes more than once a day. I have been feeling really good about my parenting the past two weeks, but as Goose reminded me, I could always do better. I didn't even yell at him when he told me that because he is so right.

The Baby Hulk...has to be the funniest kid around. He wanted the last apple and when Goose suggested they share, he told him he was sick and couldn't spread germs. But the best comment..."Mom, why is the door locked?"

From the kitchen...a yummy casserole that everyone in the family loved tonight, King Cake tomorrow, then looking forward to some meatless menus.

I am praying...for a Lent that is meaningful for me and my family. Today, someone asked Goose what Lent meant and his response: "you give up something you like". Great, I am raising a cradle Catholic from the 50's. I want a cradle Catholic from this generation that knows what we believe and loves it. Guess I need to start being a better example.

On keeping home...Does laundry ever end? I love when all the laundry is done, but it drives me crazy that the hampers are all full within one day. We're not that big of a family! Thankfully, I'm not lazy this week. I'm feeling better and ready to tackle the hardcore cleaning again.

I am creating...plans for Lent which include a Lenten cleaning list, my commitments, our family commitments and a purging list. All will be recorded on our fabulous new Lenten calendar that we made today at Super Saints!

To be fit and today, I had the BEST workout in three weeks. One hour of BodyStep during which the instructor let me pick the tracks and lead. The next hour was all core work. My legs are killing me. I also ate half a king cake and two servings of dinner. I'm good like that. Oh's only Monday, I have the rest of the week to be fit. I think I got happy down today.

To live the liturgy...Ash Wednesday is this week. I have been talking about it with the kids recently and trying to prepare them. I love this season. I will definitely be taking advantage of all the Church has to offer during this time, like extra confession times. We also start Stations of the Cross this Friday. We pray the Stations together as a family and have a wonderful time. It is amazing to hear the boys pray and offer reflections.

Around the house...I need time to look around...I want new shelves and I want bunk beds for the middle boys. I think having the youngest three in the same room is a good idea.

A few plans for the rest of the week...
  • the park and Super Saints have already been checked off the list!
  • SOCCER...BH started soccer tonight.
  • workout
  • swimming...BH has moved up a level!
  • Mardi Gras at church Tuesday
  • Ash Wednesday, sadly, we'll all be going to Mass at different times
  • T-ball for Goose on Thursday
  • Stations of the Cross on Friday
  • all that and I have to fit in dinner for one of Lance's friends this week

A picture thought or two...

Me and all the men in my life on Valentine's Day


  1. I picked up our king cake today, and I swear it's the best one I've ever had. Not at all dry. I had two pieces for my afternoon snack. I'll start my diet next week. Or maybe I should give up sugar for lent??? Wish I was Catholic--might give me an extra boost of willpower.

  2. That is how I felt yesterday. HEB- german chocolate. It wasn't really any chocolate, just a lot of coconut. I sent the last two (small) pieces to school with Squirt and Goose. Goose didn't eat his. Yes, I dug it out of the bag and ate it. Still very fresh. I bet they are half price tomorrow. Do I really have to start fasting.....

    Not any extra willpower...just guilt!