Monday, February 8, 2010

My Daybook~ To Feel Human

For Today...February 8, 2010

Outside my window...the sun is shining and it's cold. It's too nice a day to stay inside so despite feeling like dirt, I am taking the kids to the park for lunch. It's not their fault I feel sick.

I am listening to...the little boys laugh. Kobra is cracking up at whatever the Baby Hulk is doing to him. Nothing is better than hearing the kids have fun together.

I am workout clothes. I had such grand plans for this week, but here I am at home not even thinking about the gym.

I am thankful parents who took care of the kids for the weekend. Paul and Brain who flew in to spend the weekend with us. And friends who helped celebrate my Baby's birthday. Lance has been friends with the same group of guys since middle school. It's a riot to listen to them. I don't think there is a funnier group of people.

I am reading...the same thing. I am making progress in my books. Plus, I have a new incentive to keep reading my travel book. We're taking a trip with Paul and Brian this summer to end of our year of 40.

From the kitchen...nothing planned just yet, but I want a week of healthy meals.

I am praying...that I feel better soon. I admit that I'm completely feeling the effects of my weekend, but I am still sick. Drinking while sick probably was a dumb idea. I'm still really tired and can't shake this sick feeling. I was up the entire night coughing. It was so bad Lance left the room. The kids still have snotty noses and Goose is still really tired.

Around the house...I got a new shag rug for our living room. I love it! And so do the boys. Even the baby is rolling around in it. Now if I can just find some new shelves...

On keeping home...I just told my best friend that I don't see myself wanting to clean this week. How sad is that? It's only Monday, but I can feel it. Thankfully, we're a pretty clean bunch over here, so I think it will be okay if this does turn out to be a lazy week. starting to talk. Of course, it seems that Squirt and I are the only ones who understand him...Just the other day, he pointed to a picture and said Squirt's name, then brother, then yes, and dog! I love this stage of childhood. Lance did not understand one single word. But he often doesn't understand the Hulk so it's no surprise.

I am laughing about...all the advice I got on how to cure a hangover. My favorite was ice cream, the source even funnier. And my brother, well, he didn't understand why I waited so long to get fast food. As he and another friend told me, "it's not like you've never been here before." But NEVER again.

One of my favorite things...friends...who love you no matter what, who hope you feel better, say the right things, forgive and share in your mishaps.

To live the liturgy...I'm hoping we can get back on track with Super Saints. Our Lady of Lourdes was this past weekend. A friend and I are getting together to make a grotto out of cereal with the kids. Should be fun.

To be fit and happy...tomorrow I'll be back at the gym, then I'm hitting it really hard all week. At least, that is the plan.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • super saints
  • playdate at the park
  • swim lessons
  • taking Squirt to see Percy Jackson
  • going to see my in-laws on Saturday

A picture thought I am sharing...

Airport shot

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