Wednesday, February 10, 2010

I Hate Girl Scouts

Okay, really, I just hate their cookies. Despite the fact that the cookies really aren't very good and nothing like I remember from my childhood, I have already had four cookies today. I made a stop at a friend's house like a junkie trying to get a fix. I am supposed to be sick, yet have been eating so much, Marivi asked if I was pregnant. I'm not, but wouldn't that be a good excuse?!

Meanwhile, I have five more boxes of cookies coming from my niece this weekend. How could I refuse my sweet little niece actually calling and doing the selling herself. I LOVE when kids selling things actually do the selling themselves rather than their parents. When I worked, nothing pissed me off more than parents who would slap a sign up sheet in the break room and expect orders. LAZY.

I also ate coconut M and M's today. Thank you Brian and Jessica!!! You guys are so on the good list.

A little thing called will power would be nice right about now.


  1. I still havent found coconut M&Ms out in the wild...hopefully I come across them soon! They sound yummy.

  2. You can ship some of those Girl Scout cookies our way. We can't find them anywhere. I guess that's what happens when you live in a college town, I guess we should really be thankful there aren't little children running around.

  3. I will send another package your way, Sweetie! But you have to admit that my cookies are way better! Love you!