Saturday, February 13, 2010

The Things Kids say

Or rather their moms.

At Goose's school party last Friday, a mom told this cute little story her daughter told her about Goose.

Other Mom: " We were running late to school and I told my daughter she needed to hurry."

Daughter: "don't worry mom, we're not late until I see Goose running."

Thanks other kinder mom for sharing that with me. First of all, Goose isn't late to school. Yes, we run just about daily, but we aren't late. I walk/run Goose into school EVERY. FLIPPING. DAY. While every other kinder mom is now dropping their child off in the carpool lane, I park my car across the street and get out- sun, rain, freezing temps or not. That is what Goose wants, so I do it.

We don't arrive early. I admit that. The kids sit in the cafeteria until the teacher picks them up each day at 7:40 am. I arrive in time for Goose to get in line on the way to class and walk with him to class. Squirt sits in the car with the other boys. Then I run back and take Squirt to school.

Are we always running? Yes. Sorry, kinder classmate. I have four kids to get in my car every morning and each one, even the fourteen year old, has their own challenges getting in said car. We don't have one minute to spare most mornings, but we do get there. ON. TIME.

But again, thanks other mom for sharing that little story about us always running in the morning. I might have forgotten this is my life.


  1. So what did you tell the other mom?!?! I agree w/ the point that since the kids are just sitting in the cafeteria that it's not a big deal. I was always late for school; late meaning never even in the line after the cafeteria; late meaning getting a written tardy slip. Oh, life before my own car! I was once told, when you're early, you're ontime; when you're on time, you're late; when you're late, you might as well go home. Eek! Tell my mom! :-) You're fine, Nicole.

  2. Thanks, Jaclyn! My mom was the same way. It stinks that I didn't completely improve once I became responsible for my own driving. BUT...I do make it to Mass and school. It's a start, right?! I could never live by the early is ontime rule! And Lance is as bad as me!

  3. You need to get your kids to school in time so they aren't rushed and can contemplate their day. Being hurried causes your mind to race and it causes kids to lose focus. Tardiness is one of the worst habits for kids to develop based on their parents behaviour.