Monday, February 1, 2010

Hot Water Heaters and President Obama

I still have no hot water and at the rate I'm going it looks like I'll be taking a shower at my neighbor's house. After several calls this morning, I finally managed to get the warranty transferred over to me. I was super excited because the warranty is void if you're not the original purchaser. I got excited for nothing because, of course, the warranty doesn't cover labor. The labor for this job is $350. FABULOUS. This won't come as a big shock to anyone who knows the former owners of my house, but they purchased a totally crappy, cheap water heater. It has the worst reviews. Why am I surprised?

Because I'm all about spending $1200 rather than $350, I decided it would be better to just invest in a new water heater. I've been calling plumbing stores and using the terms my plumber told me only to have silence on the other end. Maybe I wrote down the wrong word? How can they not know what I am talking about? Maybe I have the wrong plumber?

In my research for the perfect water heater, I read a customer service message board, and I swear to God people started arguing about the economy and Obama while discussing the customer service regarding their water heaters. It provided some entertainment in what would normally be a boring read about crappy customer service. I'm not sure of the connection, but there is nothing like a message board to bring out the ugly in people.

But hey, maybe they are on to something. Just maybe Obama is the reason I have no hot water.

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  1. I'm going with it's Obama's fault!
    We went 3 days with no hot water & three plumbers(screw you over) later & it was a CenterPoint Gas issue! Why couldn't any of those companies figure that one out? Oh yeah cause they wanted us to pay $850 for new water heater & labor was only gonna be $750, due to it being in the attic!!! Not to mention 7 people live here right now! We live along way from you all but our showers are your showers! But you are taking a chance that all the hot water is not used up!Praying you get hot water soon!