Sunday, July 4, 2010

Daybook~ Birthdays

For Today...July 4, 2010

Outside my's dark and quiet. Any second I should hear fireworks. I stayed home with the baby and let Lance take the other three boys. Part of me is bummed, then I remember the downpours we've had all week and am happy not to be in soggy, wet grass.

I am listening to...Liz Phair. Part of me wants to just enjoy the silence that I haven't had all day, but Liz won out.

I am thankful...that Goose's eye is finally on the mend. He actually took his glasses off for most of the day. He is full of energy and was quite the spazz today. We created this flag today in honor of the 4th. I realize it's not quite accurate, but our platter wasn't big enough to make it perfect.

I am thinking...about this quote: "the fruit of silence is prayer." I think I need more silence in my life.

I am wondering...if I should have the birthday party I have been planning for myself. It's just girlfriends at the house, nothing big like I did for Lance's birthday. It's a great idea, I think, but here's the problem: we already have big plans with Paul and Brian, which means I am already spending money on my birthday. I don't know that I can really justify spending more money on myself. Don't get me wrong, I love having money spent on me, just not from my bank account. Decisions, decisions...

Around the curtains arrived and I've been wondering for a week if they can be ironed. My sister-in-law took the time to look at the tag and let me know that I need to get them dry cleaned. I need to get an iron rod, then find someone to install them because we don't do things like that around here.

From the kitchen...I found some great recipes to try for the summer, and I'm excited about having new food. I have to stick with a menu or we just don't eat well. I had the best strawberries today. Now if only I could buy a good watermelon. I have taken so many back to the stores because they sucked. Yes, I am one of those women.

One of my favorite boys running around and having a blast. Most days they are so much fun. I can just see their faces at the fireworks right now. Our neighbor gave them glow sticks for tonight and they were so excited about them. Even Squirt.

I am praying babies, especially Goose's eye and Squirt's nose.

I am grateful, bbq's, summer fruit, friends that listen when I'm manic and a clean house

Towards Rhythm and Beauty...I love the season our family is in right now. I feel a real happiness in our life these days and am not looking forward to any changes.

A few plans for the's time to plan for the birthday boys. We have three birthdays to celebrate this week!

A picture thought I am sharing...

My 4th of July boys. I didn't make Squirt match the boys this year.


  1. Such good news about your little man's eye!

  2. Um, yes, you should celebrate your birthday! I was looking forward to that!