Friday, July 2, 2010

Pet Peeve

It's that time, we have two, three if you count me, birthdays coming up this month. "I need ideas for gifts". I hate this statement. I bust my ass coming up with gift ideas for my kids. To have to think of gifts for other people to buy my kids drives me effing batty. I know people only want to give gifts that the kids need or want, but I don't have the time to go over every gift and look at the ratings, order it online and then wrap it for other people. And even if I did, I don't want to do it. I spend a lot of time picking out gifts for other people all the time and if I'm having a problem, I look online for ideas. I don't rely on someone else for ideas without trying really hard to find something on my own. And I give a gift receipt so they can return it if they don't like it.

So for those questions that are coming, and I know they are since I've already had it twice today: no electronic toys, even learning toys. I promise we don't need them nor will we use them. We like books, books that are level 3.2 on the back for Goose and two years and up for the baby. We like pretend, which means costumes. We like puzzles as in 100 piece puzzles. Maybe a cool t-shirt. Maybe a family membership to the symphony this year or tickets to a football game. Tuition for a mommy and me class. We have no room for anything more, and I hate for the kids to receive so much when we are already so blessed.

As for me, I want new bookshelves, so money is always a good option!


  1. Yeah, good luck with that. We've been trying for years to convince the grandparents that the kids didn't need anymore toys. Or, recently, junk food. Both the toys and the junk food are still coming.

    And when someone asks me what my kids want for their birthday, I tell them to ask the kids themselves. At least leave me out of the middle of it.

  2. Good idea about telling them to ask the kids b/c coming up with ideas for four kids at Christmas for five different people is killer. (And my people get pissy when I don't have ideas for them.)

    I also take back what I don't like and spend it on diapers or clothes. I think I have made it clear on the no noise toys, even the learning ones. Will let you know after the birthdays!

  3. Everyone asked us what to get our baby, Cash for Christmas. I tried to explain to them that he was going to be 9 mos at Christmas, wouldn't understand it and didn't need anything. I sent them a link to a pediatric cancer charity we support and told them if they absolutely had to buy something to get him books.

    Ultimately, only a couple people made the charitable donation and no one got him any books. Of course, we got stuck with a bunch of toys he's never played with and only serve to clutter up our house.

    For our daughter's 6th birthday, which is today, she really wanted an ipod touch. She loves to play the the apps, listen to Wilco and the Beatles and watch some of her favorite shows. We told everyone to give her money so she could buy herself one. It was fun watching her keep track of her money until she got enough to buy he ipod.

  4. Cory, First, your daughter has great taste in music! My boys also have great taste in music. Good idea about having people give her money so she could save up for what she wanted. That happens a lot with our oldest.

    Honestly, I hate a lot of toys for little kids. I don't have anything outside a family party until the kids are three, but even now I somehow want to find a tactful way to ask for just books! It amazes me how people underestimate the value of books, but get duped into thinking all these "learning" toys are so great. Sigh.