Thursday, July 1, 2010

Wedding Photos

My dear priest came to pray with me before the wedding. I think Lance told him I was stressed!

Our vows and lasso

Our wedding party, notice no flower girl, I got so much shit for this.

We took most pictures before the ceremony and our smiles are much different after the ceremony.

Mr. and Mrs. Lance Zierlein

I love this picture, not sure why. My favorite picture of me and Lance is of us praying for Our Lady's intercession; I can't find it. Who thinks I haven't gone crazy this week looking for it?!


  1. Wow! This was a beautiful wedding, and you looked amazing. I've never seen pictures, and since I missed the actual event it was great to see these here.

    Now, as for not being able to find the one picture--are your wedding photos not in an album???

  2. Thank you, Shea. One day (if you want) you can check out the album. I have the one from my photographer and three others from everyone else's snapshots. You don't have to look at all of them! I tried to find a picture of the flowers on the tables which were amazing, but those were in the actual album that I can't take out.

    The favorite picture was in my nightstand drawer and not the album b/c Lance doesn't like the photo. One of the kids messed with it and now it is gone. So sad. Will be calling my photographer today to see if he still has the negatives.