Thursday, July 8, 2010


Goose- I tucked you into bed tonight saying, "goodnight five-year old boy." Your face was so cute because you know that tomorrow I can't call you that. Tomorrow, you will be six. I talked with you about July 8, 2004: how my water broke and that it was time, but that you weren't quite ready to come. Not until the next day. That's how I feel now. I want to keep holding on to today.

What a year five has been for you. Of course, the biggest thing to happen this year was going to public school. And what a success you were. Even though you had never been to daycare beyond the gym, preschool or day camp, you shined at school. And how I missed you. There wasn't a day that passed that I didn't want you home with me, learning with me, reading with me. And it wasn't just me that missed you. Your baby brothers wanted you around as well which is why we had lunch together so often. I am already getting manic thinking about you returning to school.

People always laugh at me because I never sent you to preschool and you're not in camps all summer long. I just wonder how they can stand to be separated from their kids willingly in the summer. Nothing has made me smile more than watching you play with the Baby Hulk lately. Despite being stuck inside due to illness and rain, you two have had a blast and without the TV, I might add! While it's not always fun and games, I love the bond I see you two developing and hope you will always have his back the way he has your back.

Five marked the year that you first cried over a sporting event. You have no idea how proud that made both me and your father. I can't wait to see how you are during football season!

At five, you still LOVE to read. When we go to bookstores, I catch you reading two books at a time. You love story time regardless of what I'm reading. I have enjoyed going through all the Magic Tree House books this year and am excited to find a new series to read together.

Your love for Super Saints is what keeps me going when I want to call it quits. We have learned so much together through Super Saints, and I hate the look on your face when we've had to cancel our meetings. I hope you always love the Saints the way you do now and look to them for inspiration and intercession.

Goose, you are my baby, the child that is most like me. I'm not sure that is a good thing, but it does make me understand you better than any child in this house. You have made me happier than I thought possible. The fact that you kept every lunch note all year long is the sweetest thing in the world and possibly a little OCD. Your love for Snoopy has not waivered this year, and I hate the thought that one day you won't care where he is. For now, I will enjoy that you throw a fit if he gets left behind. I will always be here for you. I love you more than you can ever know. May God continue to bless you and keep you safe. Happy Birthday, my dear, sweet, six-year old boy.

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