Monday, July 12, 2010

My Daybook~ No More Cake

For Today...July 12, 2010

Outside my's dark and peaceful. I'm ready for bed. It's been a long weekend and we've got lots of errands tomorrow.

I am pj's.

I am listening to...the Dandy Warhols, thinking I wish I could see them in concert, then feeling really silly because we just saw them last year!

I am thankful two birthday boys. We had a great time celebrating their birthdays this weekend with best friends on Friday and my parents and brother on Saturday. Sunday it was just family, my favorite.

Is there anything better than...the smile on a child's face? Goose loved his presents, his new favorite is this damn pillow pet. This thing better not take Snoopy's place. And he loved his new books. When I asked him which one he wanted to read first, he said he wanted to go in order. My true OCD child.

Goose's blueberry cake

I am still praying for...Goose's eye. My pediatrician has recommended a second opinion. I am so ready for my little boy to be back to normal.

I am grateful insurance. Despite how shitty it is, I don't know what I would have done the past two weeks without it. I feel so bad for people who don't have the same options I have. Since June 27, I have spent $350 on doctors and medicine for Goose. During this time I also spent another $100 on me and Squirt. And...tomorrow, we have two yearly visits for the birthday boys and one more dermatology appointment for Kobra, so another $100. Then Squirt has a cranial scan (which I was just informed should cost $688) and an allergy shot to finish out the week. And this is why I won't be having a birthday party for myself. But hey, at least, my kids get to see a doctor while others don't. Because you know, health care shouldn't be a basic human right.

I am thinking...of creating new house rules for myself. No more phone time or computer time when the kids are around. Except the morning call with Marivi and a quick email check while I down my cereal, there is no way I can handle starting my day without that call! I love the phone, but I've been pretty good about not talking as much as I would like when the kids are around. I have to think more on this.

Around the house...there are new toys to play with and old ones to donate. I went through toys again on Saturday and barely made a dent. I am trying to reorganize closets, games, books, learning tools, early readers, etc. I am really lost on how I want to organize everything.

From the more sweets! Do sugar free popsicles count? I haven't planned my menu for this week, so hopefully that won't hurt me.

Making Kobra's cupcakes, the boys did the first step and Squirt frosted

One of my favorite things...being a mom and remembering the days my children were born. What a special gift this is; I don't want to waste one second I have with them.

A few plans for the rest of the week...besides the doctor visits and a return to swim lessons after a week off, we have nothing else planned. I want to take it easy.

A picture thought I am pj's!


  1. Kate's in love with her Bee pillow pet. She wants a ladybug. But I think one is enough. In fact, I think one is too much.

    I will admit, though, that it IS really soft, and when she's sick (which was a lot last spring) it does "comfort her" to lay on it on the couch.

    I totally hear you on the health care issue. For MOST contentious issues, I can at least understand why someone believes as they do, even if I disagree. Not this one. How can you not think everyone has a right to be treated when they get sick?!?!

  2. I agree too...those pillow pets are pretty soft!

    My favorite line about the health care debate was someone saying that "if health care passed, they were as good as dead." I guess it's okay for other people to suffer due to no health care, but not okay for these people to suffer from whatever changes might happen. So freaking frustrating and pretty mean if you ask me. I am having to debate when (this month or next) to get Drake tested due to the cost, someone without health insurance just won't get their kid tested at all.