Thursday, July 15, 2010

Under Pressure

I am the calm one in the family, especially during an emergency. Lance is much more emotional or passionate than I am so if something happens to one of the kids, he freaks out. When I was bleeding excessively, he cancelled the babysitter we had that morning because he didn't know what else to do except maybe watch me bleed out at home. By nature I am slightly cold, not a crier and can hold it together no matter what is happening to me or my kids. Until Tuesday...

I had to take Kobra to the doctor. I was so happy to be alone with him because I usually have at least two extra kids along for any doctor visit. We were even on time, getting in the elevator with four minutes to spare. On time, not early. I pushed number 3, the other couple pushed 4 and we were off. For a much different ride than I expected. We went up and down without stopping. I realized pretty fast what was happening and immediately my heart started racing. I checked out my cell phone which had no service and then pushed the alarm button nonstop for the next four minutes. I totally lost it. I had us stuck in an elevator for several hours with nobody noticing. (Because despite a sign that said we would be contacted in the event the alarm was set off, nobody ever spoke to us.) Finally, the damn elevator opened on the basement level. The other couple went to another elevator while I found the stairs and walked my 28 pound baby up what was now four flights of stairs. And the thing is nobody cared at all when I told them their elevator was whacked out.

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