Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Is There Such A Thing As Too Cheap?

This morning, I gave the Baby Hulk some milk, and I heard him tell Squirt that it tasted yucky. Being the good mom I am, I poured Squirt a small glass and asked him to taste it for me. (I hate milk and never drink any except a small amount in my cereal, so I wouldn't know good milk anyway.) Squirt confirmed the milk was indeed bad so I put it aside. It's a gallon of milk that has an expiration date of August 1, 2010. This milk should have lasted through the weekend, but for four sons who love to drink milk.

Lance came home and saw the almost empty gallon of milk on the counter and asked why I hadn't poured it down the drain yet. I am taking the almost empty gallon back to the store for a refund. Lance is horrified. He keeps telling me how we are almost done with the milk, but I don't care. I had to pour out three cups this morning, plus the milk from my cereal. PLUS, this is the second time this is happened in two weeks. I won't put up with it. I can promise that I will get my refund on this milk. And I will spend my $3.50 how I choose.


  1. If there is such a thing, you may be crossing that line.

  2. YOU GO GIRL! It pisses me off bad when this happens. I have taken rank smelling shrimp & milk & cheese back to Randalls multiple times. Sometimes I just throw it out because I can't go back to store right then & it will end up really spoiled.
    BTW is it a bad sign when you look out your upstairs bedroom window & see a dead black cat in your pool? This happened tonight & is disgusting! We don't have cats. We have neighbors cats in our backyard all the time drinking from the pool...guess this one got a little too close. So who wants to come swimming at my house!

  3. Wow Denise, maybe you should get your own blog...

  4. Oh Denise! Yuck! And I am the type of bitch that would be furious that the neighbors don't keep their pets in their own yard.

    Took back the milk without any troubles at all. Of course, I didn't get the apology I wanted either. Lance tried to shame me on Twitter, but whatever...I got my money, didn't waste gas as I had to go to the store anyway!

    And Denise...I have taken things back two weeks later. If that is when I can get to the store, so be it. Lance refuses to do it for me. And I don't trust that he won't just toss the item as soon as he is out of my sight!

  5. Ha! No shame....when I saw on twitter you were successful in taking it back, my first thought was, "she is a bada**! :)