Thursday, April 29, 2010

Birthday Girl

Today is Chelsea's birthday! The boys are super excited about it. The Baby Hulk wants to make her a cake. He is thinking Spiderman or The Hulk will be cool. Goose is very concerned about getting to her party. Squirt just wants to make sure she answers the phone when we call this afternoon. Sadly, we won't get to celebrate in person until Chelsea comes home from college.

We've watched Chelsea grow into such a beautiful young woman. I remember meeting Chelsea at age 11. Such a pretty young girl with a sense of humor. Even then I could sit and gossip, I mean talk, with her. Sometimes, she seems much older, but then there are others when she is definitely a college coed! Which is good. I love hearing the stories and remembering the fun of my college days!

I hope your day is wonderful, Chelsea. We are so excited about this summer. I am thinking lots of lunches at Niko Niko's.

Remember dancing in the car to Justin Timberlake??? St. Catherine of Siena pray for Chelsea, today and every day! We love you sweetie!

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  1. thank you, miss and love everyone. see yall soon!!!