Monday, April 26, 2010

Daybook~ Spring

For Today...April 27, 2010

Outside my window...Another beautiful day. Last Friday was a reminder of the weather to come so I plan to enjoy being outdoors as much as possible.

I am listening to...silence. Everyone is sleeping except me and Lance.

I am hoping...that nobody catches the stomach virus that Baby Hulk has. Once I am finished here, I am off to clean the vomit stains off the carpet. Am I bad that I am bummed about missing my workout tomorrow?

From the kitchen...we sort of have a menu planned, I just hope I follow it because I plan to eat out a lot this weekend!

I am planning...lots of great activities for me and my hubby. I had a massage this weekend and for the first hour my mind just kept going. I was thinking about the kids, the house, the next week, and praying and so on. Finally, I decided to be constructive and planned dates through the month of October. I have put the list to paper and planned our first outings for this week: a pedicure. Btw, I finally stopped "thinking" so much, but the massage was basically over.

Kobra this week...I think the pictures say it all. He is so ready to keep up with his brothers he'll try anything no matter how many times he skins his knees. He can now climb up the ladder by himself. This really sucks for me because this means I have to be outside with him all the time. Which means, yes, sometimes he went outside for a few minutes while I was inside.

Is there anything worse than a sick boy? My little man is so pathetic right now. He doesn't understand what is going on with his body. Dear God, please let him get well soon. I miss the rowdy boy in the picture below! (He is holding the cutest and easiest dragon craft in honor of St. George last week.)

Towards Rhythm and Beauty...Honestly, I can't wait for this school year to end. I'm hoping that once I can really reflect and take some of the anger out, I'll start to live with happiness again. It's been a long time of being really unhappy and going through the motions. I think the kids are ready for a new season as well. I can plan all I want, but I want to live again.

Around the house...I found bunk beds for the boys. Yay! Is it really silly that my best friend just bought the same beds? Is this like naming your kid the same name? Let's hope my friend doesn't feel that way!

One of my favorite things...the show Castle. I randomly watched it one night, and it's on my Tivo now. Plus, there are reruns on Saturday nights. Makes me happy.

To live the liturgy...the boys are still celebrating Easter. I admit it's getting a bit long, but I love not having to read the same book over and over because we have 50 days! It's been fun figuring out which books the boys really like. I wonder if it will change next year.

A few plans for the rest of the week

  • Park, check
  • lunch with Goose, check
  • swim lessons...will be cancelled, I think
  • hair cuts
  • getting ready for Paul
  • pedicure with my Baby

A picture thought I am sharing...


  1. I thought I was one of the only people around that watched Castle. I happened to catch the first season premiere, also randomly, last spring, and I was hooked! I dont think I have missed an episode. It actually makes me laugh out loud, which I rarely do. Love it!

  2. I feel the same way, so I keep telling people about it so that it won't get cancelled. It's not quite campy, but almost. Recently, Lance made a not so funny joke about it going off the air. I almost died! I think we're safe.

  3. I just read that it is confirmed for a third season! So we will have at least another 22 episodes to enjoy. :)

  4. Thank God! Lance compared Beckett to Mariska on SVU, then heard the dialogue and thought better of it. She is much better than Mariska!