Friday, April 2, 2010

Pretzel Making

Who knew that making pretzels was so flipping easy? I had wanted to make Hot Cross Buns today since that is traditional on Good Friday. I decided against it because the recipes seemed a bit tedious and most called for raisins. After reading that pretzels were traditionally only eaten during Lent, I decided to have them today before time ran out. I know we can still make them during the rest of the year, but I really wanted to talk about how people used to eat these from Ash Wednesday until Good Friday with the kids. The snack was a huge hit with everyone. After fasting most of the day, I think I went a bit crazy. The baby LOVED them! And the best part, it was soooo easy.

I am looking at the piece of dough I tossed on the floor.

My sous chef


And After

Happy Boys

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