Sunday, April 25, 2010

House and Kids All in One Piece

I made it home from my weekend away from the family. It's the first time I have ever left home without someone tagging along. A friend from law school was in Austin for a conference so I drove up to see her. She laughed all weekend because of how many calls I made and received. By noon today, I had been on the phone three times despite having a two hour massage in that time frame.

What is funny is that I wasn't always like that. I remember thinking that I would always need to travel alone or have girls' weekends, but then I met Lance. And then I had kids. And despite how much they can drive me up the wall, I hate being away from them. Lance and I travel together twice a year, and I am finally getting somewhat comfortable being away from the kids, but it has taken several years. I don't see myself getting used to being away from all of them. Plus, everyone knows that I don't fly anywhere without Lance. That means any girls weekend has to be within driving distance for me.

The kids had a blast with daddy...milkshakes, bouncy castles, late bedtimes and probably more television than mommy allows. The baby didn't even come running when I came home today.

Thank you my dear husband for a couple of free days. I know this was the worst weekend I could have left. The draft and all...but you handled it. I love you!

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