Friday, April 9, 2010


Yesterday, the Baby Hulk told Lance that he loved him "today". He made it clear that he didn't love him the day before though.

Goose tells me he loves me a "little lot, it would be a lot, but you yell at me."


  1. I love your blog and I'm so happy I stumbled upon it. I've been reading for a couple of months and I love how honest you are about your family and your stories are funny but I can still feel like they are happening to me.

    I guess what I'm wondering is how you get your husband to be so interactive? I love my husband but I think I love yours more! (ha ha, just kidding) I think it is great that he does all of those crafts with your and your kids and it seems like you have a great relationship.

    I don't mean to get too serious here but do you have any advice for a reader who can't get her husband to be interactive her and the kids? Also, what do you do to strengthen your realtionship with each other. I'm really at a loss myself. We don't go to church together either. Is that a big part of it? (I'm Catholic too and love Saints entries!)

    Enough for now but thanks for reading and thanks for your blog.

  2. Thanks for reading my blog! It sounds really lame, but it's nice to know someone besides my parents are reading this.

    So my hubby...first, he is great. In my opinion, he's the best man I know, but mainly, he is perfect for me. Just like your husband is perfect for you. The most important thing in our relationship is God and time together. That doesn't mean we sit around praying all day or that we are praying rosaries wtih the kids weekly. I wish. But we do pray together, and there is a noticable difference when we don't. When I met Lance he was Catholic, but not a church goer. I explained that was a deal breaker. He had to go. So he did. And now he is involved with the Saints club, mass, prayer time, etc. People get led to God and going to church all difference ways. Sure it would be nice if everyone just went to church, but sometimes we need a little push. (My push was in the form of my parents for several years! Even now they ask if I've been to Mass, and that's daily mass.) So I don't think it's a big deal to nudge your spouse to go to church with you. Even if it's for the sake of the kids only. You didn't say if your husband was Catholic, but if he is, then he should be going to church, but if not, then they can lead him to church too.

    Lance and I are lucky with his job. Luckier than most, I know. We spend most days together from about noon to the end of the day. We like each other's company and b/c of that he is willing to do things most guys won't do. Also, he is more creative than me and will help b/c I get so flustered with arts and crafts. That being said, we're not a perfect couple. (See previous posts about homeschooling and my anger and blues about it.) We don't always agree on everything, but we do love each other very much. We don't have weekly dates, like we always said we would, but we do go out at least once a month by ourselves. We take two trips a year without the kids, thanks to my mom taking care of the kids.

    What works for us is finding things we like to do together. From watching tv shows together, to going out to eat, to taking walks in the neighborhood. There are definitely times that he would rather do something else, but will sacrifice to spend time with me and the same goes for me. I do try and find family things we can all do together. But again, we are so far from perfect...ask him the last time we went to a movie together. And that is something we LOVE. And to be honest, he complains about this a lot. So I guess all I can recommend is doing things together, hopefully, you both like what you are doing and if not, then sacrifice and do what he likes first.

    Sorry for such a long response! Btw, one day I am going to record on another blog all the Super Saints stuff that we do in our club. We have the best group ever and everything can be done at your home with just your kids or with a group too. Just need to find the time.

    Thanks again for reading my blog. nicole

  3. Thank you so much for your post. It really means alit that you took so much time to answer my question. I think finding something that he likes that I can do with him is probably the key to start with (Astros?). Looking forward to more entries!

    - S