Monday, April 5, 2010

Easter in Pictures

Decorating Eggs

You have to peel the egg first, BH!

Spitting out the shell

What is going on in there?

I think he liked coloring eggs.

Easter Morning

The baskets, which included a few of the books I purchased last month.

The Easter Beagle-because everyone knows I LOVE SNOOPY

This kid understands candy quite well

Squirt very excited about his Holy Card this year...a prayer for those in the military

Because he's just so darn handsome!
Paschal Candle and Meal

Our simple meal that we had to eat on the breakfast table because...

of this puzzle laid out across our dining room table. Despite staying up until 3 am Holy Saturday, I didn't finish this puzzle until last night. BTW, this puzzle was so flipping hard.
The Egg Hunt

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