Sunday, April 11, 2010

My Daybook~The Pollen Blues

For Today...April 11, 2010

Outside my's dark and the temperature is perfect. I love this weather. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the weather.

I am listening to...the Old 97's, of course! Still so excited about the show. Plus, I have to listen to my favorite song that they failed to play over and over.

I am praying for...the pollen to get the heck out of here. I am so swollen and tired and just plain miserable. I think the baby is starting to feel the effects of it as well. He is fussy and not sleeping at all.

I am shorts and a light pink top. I feel like Strawberry Shortcake.

I am thankful husband. A blog reader posted something about how great he seems. And not to brag, but he is! I am sure I take him for granted more than I should, but thanks to this reader, I was reminded to tell him how much I appreciate him. People need to know they are appreciated.

From the kitchen...Lance and I are getting ready to plan the menu for the week. I hope we come up with something good!

On keeping home...same as usual. I don't really mind cleaning, but I would like it if the floors stayed spotless for more than five seconds!

Around the house...I want to buy some plants and paint the bathroom. I think my husband and I can paint something that small, right? Knowing us though, we'll be picking a color this week and hiring someone soon.

To be fit and happy...I love to workout. I do so five to six days a week. And I still haven't lost a pound. I gained five pounds over Thanksgiving and can't lose it. I think it might be the fact that I eat candy, cake or cookies five to six days a week. My challenge to myself is not to eat any sweets except Skinny cows for one week. Starting tomorrow. I already effed up today by having three pieces of cake.

One of my favorite things...going to concerts! I love live shows. So much so that I used to go to concerts by myself if I couldn't find anyone to join me. Life is so busy now that I barely know any bands, much less know concert schedules so I was happy this past weekend.

I am relax a bit this week. It seems as if we're always on the go...we get up, take the boys to school, go to Mass, then the gym, then swim lessons or a play date, then, then, then. Hopefully, we won't do too much this week. I know I'm in control, so hopefully, I'll have control this week.

I am also hoping...that my boys find their way back to their own rooms. I am so tired of waking up with three little kids in my bed. No wonder I'm always tired.

A few plans for the week...

  • park
  • Super Saints
  • swim lessons
  • bluebonnet pictures with the twins
  • birthday party
  • prom dinner with Cindy and Terese

A picture thought I am sharing...

The boys on Goose's field trip at the zoo last week

I love this picture of the boys at Party on the Lot last Friday night. BH loves his big brother!

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