Monday, April 26, 2010

Okay, It's Not THAT Bad...

The 2010 public school rankings for Houston came out over the weekend. TH ROGERS is ranked number 1 for both Elementary and Middle schools! (This includes the suburbs which typically have better schools.) They are ranked 3rd and 2nd in the state respectively. I know these ranking aren't the end all, but I am so proud of this school! (Although since this is a G/T school, one would hope the kids are doing commended work on standardized tests.) I have already admitted to Lance that sending Goose to school here might not have been a bad idea. Of course, I reminded him I was still the better teacher, but if you can't have mom, then I guess this school is second best.

I am happy to know about the rankings, but also really saddened by the fact that so many other children don't receive the quality of education provided at Rogers. All kids deserve a good education and shouldn't be penalized because of their socio-economic status. We all know that parental involvement is important, but it doesn't always happen. I teach my kids to read, but most of my friends haven't done so. Does that mean they aren't involved enough? No. Lucky for most of them, their kids are at great schools. These kids are our future, they all deserve the same opportunities so that they can succeed in life.

BTW, who the hell beat Rogers statewide?

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