Wednesday, April 21, 2010

No Room

I have finally fallen for Starbucks. So much so that I may be giving up Starbucks for Lent next year. I've graduated from medium to large coffee, and sometimes a cranberry orange scone. Twice a day. I used to bribe the kids with the Horizons milk they sell until I realized how much sugar it contained. No wonder they never behaved after their treat.

There are two problems with my addiction, and I am realizing that both problems stem from my cheapness. First...when I say "no room", it means I want them to fill my damn coffee cup to the top. By my accounts, I have been ripped off an entire cup of coffee in the five visits I've made this week. Second, I have been paying cash so I don't feel so guilty about spending money from the bank account. My tab is usually 2.22, but I haven't had any pennies lately, so I have to give them a quarter. The cashier people haven't given me any change this week. Okay, it's three pennies, I know, but since they don't give me my pennies, I keep having to use quarters and me not having quarters means I don't have money to buy my Dr. Pepper at the swim club. (I buy them twice a week, my little treat, at the swim club because they are only 60 cents! You can't find a better deal from a coke machine!) Maybe my cheapness will win out, and I'll finally complain about my cup not being filled properly. I don't think I can embarrass myself enough to ask for the three pennies though. Guess I'll be using the money card from now on.


  1. I love reading your blog...found it by listening to John and Lance and listen to them every morning. As for Starbucks...I'm hooked too and usually get the cranberry orange scone too!!! I hate that I spend so much money but only go there maybe 2 or 3 times a week. You need to get a Starbucks card and register it and once you've gone so many times you get a free drink. Also you don't get charged for the syrups or soy milk, etc. just a thought and will save you a few $$$$.

  2. You are doing this wrong. Get a Starbucks gift card for yourself. Fill it with $20. Then you use that until it runs out, then you reload it. That way they never get your pennies, and you fill guilty once by filling the gift card and not guilty for the next 9 trips. More importantly, you go online and register the gift card, that way you can reload it online, AND every so often you get a free cup. :-)

  3. I found a recipe on Food Network for cranberry orange scones! I am hoping it's good. I will report if it is. That could save me money too.

    Okay, so I'm not very smart when it comes to Starbucks! I will expect a free coffee very soon from using my card. God knows, I have earned it.

    I will say that on tax day, I went three times. And get this...they were even more stingy with filling my cup!