Sunday, April 18, 2010


All the news has been talking about how great the bluebonnets would be this year due to the winter we had. They were okay, I wouldn't say great, but good enough to take some pictures of the boys. Kobra was in no mood for pictures except when I was trying to take pictures of other people. Baby Hulk was pretty good, he is just getting into that phase where he fake smiles, so I wasn't thrilled with his pictures. Don't I sound like a bitch? Isn't it half the battle when you can admit your failings? So, I can admit that I was more than frustrated with Kobra while taking pictures on Friday. I can assure you that he didn't give a shit what I thought. BTW, the lady who took the last picture of me and Marivi asked us if we had seen the snake! What is it with me and snakes lately. I am so done with nature for awhile.

This was the look on Kobra's face most of the day.

My sweet Goddaughter

You pick now to smile? Really?

I wonder if Marivi is stressing about me smiling just perfect?

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