Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Clothes Exchange

Does getting boxed clothes out of the attic count towards my Lenten cleaning? The only job I hate more than this is mopping the floors. I will do anything, make up any excuse not to mop the floors. I've tried everything and the only way to clean all the spots my family leaves behind is on my hands and knees. And while we don't have a huge house, it feels like a mansion when I am cleaning the floors.

It's nice having all boys because I can save tons of money by passing down clothes. Of course, some outfits get used so much, I get tired of them and give them to another family to enjoy, but mostly, I keep all the boys' clothing. Note to LZ: your wife is super thrifty and deserves a reward for all the money she saves you. I have a list in my planner, it ranges from $20 to $200.

So...I hate the change of seasons. Apparently, I hate it so much that I decided not to venture into the attic this fall for BH and he missed out on some really cool shirts. Since I haven't bought pants for Easter Sunday, I had to make the trek to the attic tonight. While up there, I got all the Easter decorations and two boxes for Kobra. The bad part is that I have to return the boxes with clean, packed clothes tomorrow afternoon. Sometimes being cheap is a pain in the ass.

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