Saturday, March 27, 2010

March Madness

The boys are having a blast with March Madness. For whatever reason, the boys picked Butler as their team, (after Texas lost.) Since Butler was playing against Murray State last week, they have been trash talking. They are really excited about the Final Four next weekend. It has been such fun to listen to them learn about basketball and bond together over their new favorite team. I think their understanding of basketball is better than mine. And no, they didn't root for any of the Big 12 teams to win. In fact, both kids got in trouble today for saying that K-State sucks. (I was proud, Lance, not so much.) My guess is that they will root for Baylor tomorrow, but only because Lance will be rooting for Baylor. If I told Baby Hulk that they beat Texas, he would hate Baylor, no exceptions. He's smart like that.

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