Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Crazy Lady

During Super Saints yesterday, I heard this really loud sound. At first, we thought it was the baby crying, then we heard Lola barking. Lance went outside to check it out and found out it was just our neighbor screaming at our dog. Not yelling at her to be quiet, but crazy, psycho screaming at her. Honestly, I think her screaming is what made Lola start barking.

A dog barking gets on my nerves as much as the next person, but this women is over the top. This is now the second time I've heard her screaming at Lola. The first time, Lola started barking at her because the lady was on the other side of the fence. Dogs bark, especially if they are trying to protect the house. I am sure that is what Lola was trying to do. If she wanted Lola to stop barking all she had to do was get away from the fence. Now maybe she was working on the yard near the fence. Fine, I would have put Lola away, until she screamed.

The thing is I can't stand Lola. The only reason she stays is because I don't give away pets, and I don't want kids who are scared of dogs. (Seriously, I hate when kids act all wimpy around dogs.) This crazy neighbor has made me start to like Lola. I guess that is a good thing.


  1. We all know the only dog you've ever and will ever truly love is little miss Kacie.