Sunday, March 21, 2010

Scenes From A Week

We didn't go out of town this week, but instead relaxed and took it easy. I even took a couple of days off from the gym so we wouldn't be rushed in the morning. We had park time, play dates, the middle boys went to the Rodeo carnival, Squirt got to see a friend who lives on the other side of town and we went to the Arboretum. Just the right amount of fun for the boys. The big boys are still playing, enjoying these last few hours of freedom. They have been outside all afternoon and haven't fussed once. They have really enjoyed their time together this week. I am so sad for them to go back to school. Sigh. Here are a few (okay, a lot!) of pictures from our week. Enjoy, mom and dad.

Painting ladybugs with dad.

Playing with the twins. I love that my boys love my best friend's kids.

Daddy hard at work on our Easter platter

Is that paint in my house twice in one week, Jaclyn?!

Not sure what I am thinking.

Learning about the Trinity

One of four reasons we keep this damn dog!

Enjoying time with mom
And dad

Dad showing off. Notice BH taking the ball from Kobra in the background.


  1. That's great, Nicole! I don't even see a plastic table cloth or a smock on the boys. You're daring! I love the activity too!! Was that for St. Patrick's day. I should have done that too!! Kuddos!

  2. Jaclyn, Yes, we made that in honor of St. Patrick. We read Tomie De Paola's book which the boys really like and at the end of the book, it talks about some stories related to St. Patrick. While the boys don't completely understand the Trinity, they are at least, starting to see the entire connection, esp with the Father and the Son. Since we didn't meet last week, we did that for our craft yesterday at Super Saints. They also had a coloring page, and Holy card and we read the book. I bought green apples and mint oreos for snacks. And green muffins for me!

    Can you believe I let the baby make his own??