Friday, March 19, 2010

The Month of Birthdays

I think I need a book of horoscopes. Do Cancers get along with Pisces? They must because I have five birthdays in March of people I love!

It starts with my sister-in-law. Thank goodness I love her because I LOVE my brother. It goes like woman will ever be good enough for my four boys. That line of thinking started with my brother. I am so happy that he has a wife that loves him and is a good mother. It's funny when you look at couples and see the inside jokes they have. You want to know what they are saying, but at the same time, you're happy that they have something just for them. I see this a lot with them.

Then there is Stacy. I have a couple of partners in crime. She is one of them. There are few people who know it all. And even though a lot of my friends think they know it all about me, they don't. But Stacy does. Period. Dear Lord, never let me cross this woman! EVER. And I don't just love her because I've told her all my dark secrets, I love her because we think alike from our love of 90210, bean and cheese nachos and reading good books. She is the only person who gets it when I say "damn, I wish I were your lover." She has been there in person for the good and bad of all of my pregnancies, no matter how busy she might be at work. She finds the time to come hold my hand during the best and worst of moments. And for that I am eternally grateful. Thank you my dear friend for last week.

Then there is Carter. Carter is Terese's man. It started with me and Cindy as friends, then I met Terese, Cindy's best friend. And the three of us started doing dinners, then Carter started joining us. To this day, when we make plans, Cindy calls me and asks if I am inviting Lance. It's not that Lance and Martin aren't welcome, it's just always been the four of us: Carter, Terese, Cindy and me. We joke that Carter has a halo. He listens to girl talk, walks me to my car after our dinners and is just an all around great guy. He is a great listener and loves hearing our stories.

Next is Danielle. I met Danielle in law school. We shared a love of cooking and soaps. Danielle gives me her opinion even when I don't want it, which is sometimes good, sometimes bad. The best part, I can tell that I don't agree with her. Even though I don't get to talk to her often because she works so much, it's like no time has passed when we do talk. I know people always say that, but with her it's true. Despite living in different cities, I've been lucky enough to see her the past two years and will see her next month! I'm Godmom to her daughter which guarantees she is stuck with me for life.

Last is my friend Cindy. I met Cindy at my former job. It's funny that we're such great friends now because we didn't talk for the first two years we worked together. I don't know what got us talking, but once we started, we couldn't stop. No matter what the topic, Cindy and I can chat it up: sports, soaps, gossip, work stuff and so on. I used to Tivo soaps...there, I am the first stay at home mom to admit it: I watched soap operas! And lot of them. And I eat Bon Bons. (BUT, I don't anymore!!!) Lance would always ask if Cindy and I were talking about real people or our stories. Since having Kobra, I have gone weeks without talking to Cindy. We play phone tag, leaving important information on the phone or in an email. It totally stinks because I love talking to her. This week, I had the pleasure of spending two days with her. And we are doing our birthday dinner next Tuesday for her and Carter! Very happy about that!

Happy Birthday to all my Pisces friends. I am blessed by each one of you.

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