Monday, March 29, 2010

My Daybook~ Holy Week

For Today...March 29, 2010

Outside my's dark. Today was a perfect day. The sun was out all day long, but it wasn't hot. I could get used to this weather. We spent most of the day outside enjoying the sun. I plan to do the same all week long.

I am pj's.

I am listening to...nothing. All the boys are in bed. I just finished a great conversation with Jessica. It was nice to actually visit without one of the boys distracting us.

I am praying for...a friend who is having surgery tomorrow, another friend for peace, and my family, most especially me. Does that make me selfish? I think I need it the most right now.

I am thankful best friend and our outings. I love getting together with Marivi. And I love that our kids have so much fun together. Goose is missing his time with the twins this year.

From the kitchen...this is two weeks in a row that I have no menu planned. I need to get moving on that. Plus, I need to plan our meals for the Triduum. I know that I want to make homemade pretzels with the boys on Friday, but that's about it.

On keeping home...I read somewhere that during Holy Week, women cleaned the house from top to bottom Monday through Wednesday so they could focus on the liturgy the rest of the week. This sounds like a great plan, except I already missed today. looks like I will be a cleaning machine for the next two days.

To live the liturgy...Is there a better week than this in the Church? I don't think so. We started yesterday celebrating Palm Sunday. We made hand print palms and hung them up. Today in Super Saints we made a Stations of the Cross box. Inside the box we have a symbol for each station. We also prayed the stations together. We'll focus on the beauty of the Triduum and then celebrate on Easter Sunday. I look forward to Holy Thursday, Good Friday and the Vigil Mass with the family. Although, I'm not sure who will be coming with me to Mass on Saturday!

Around the house...Lance and I still haven't tackled the desk. He said he had the whole thing planned out. Not sure what that means, but I am hoping to put this whole desk cleaning thing behind me. I am also going to start looking for those shelves I want soon.

Kobra this a little bully when it comes to food. No surprise considering who his parents are. This kid will scream if you don't feed him fast enough. It's quite obnoxious.

To be fit and happy...I've been feeling really down because my body doesn't look how I want. It's a totally annoying girl thing, and I know it. But that doesn't stop me from wanting the perfectly flat tummy and toned arms. I had this amazing workout this morning, then went and had a burger, then tonight sweet Jessica brought me some candy and a DP. How could I refuse? I'm done with my king size Twix bar and coconut M&M's. Tomorrow, I won't have any sweets, I promise.

One of my favorite things...organizing. I'm so OCD at times, it is annoying. Lance tried to remind me tonight that I'm more than a taskmaster, and he wasn't trying to be nice about it.

I am hoping...that I have a good end of Lent. Just a few more days.

A few plans for the rest of the week...

  • Super Saints, check
  • zoo with twins, check
  • park
  • confession for me again
  • swim lessons
  • buy boys pants for Easter did I miss this?
  • buy Squirt shirt for Easter Sunday...again, how did I miss this?
  • read books to boys, rotate Lent books out and have Easter books ready for Sunday
  • color eggs on Saturday
  • decorate house for Easter on Saturday, this seems late, but there are 50 days of Easter starting this Sunday
  • get baskets ready, which means buy candy
  • bake some sweets for Squirt who gave up sweets for Lent
  • Long Masses Thursday, Friday and Saturday
  • relax...please!

A picture thought I am sharing...

At the zoo

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