Thursday, March 11, 2010

Parking Garages

Don't you hate it when you bust ass to get somewhere and it doesn't quite work out the way you planned? I had to give blood this morning in the med center. I got up early, straightened my hair, put dinner in the crock pot, got the little ones ready, and managed to get out of the house without yelling at anyone. I dropped off the kids and was at the med center by 8:15. I drove straight to the valet parking and NO ONE was there. What the heck? I hate parking garages. My parents have always told me never to park in them so to this day, I don't. I think they are creepy and getting kids in and out of car seats in a dark garage by myself isn't a safe idea. BUT today, I had to do it. So I did, and then promptly went and complained at the front desk. When I left the building, someone had parked so close to me, I had to climb in from the other side. I wanted to complain again because with valet parking that never would have happened.

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