Friday, March 19, 2010

The Feast of St. Joseph

Daddy and all his boys!

Today is the Feast of St. Joseph. And what a great feast to celebrate. When planning Super Saints for the month, I didn't want to miss celebrating this saint. I asked a friend for a suggestion, and she told me to make an altar. She sent pictures from her church which were amazing. Our church doesn't have such a celebration so I found something online where we could make our own altar for this important feast day. Goose colored all the pictures, and Lance and I put everything together for the kids. The boys really liked the history of the altar and wanted to knowwhy certain things were represented on the altar. Quite frankly, it was a great learning experience for me too.

I had each boy take a picture with the altar and say a prayer for their father. I included so many pictures because the three little ones tried to explain different parts of the altar. I love getting confirmation that something is sinking in with them!

We really enjoyed learning about St. Joseph, and I hate to put his books away so soon, but Lent isn't over yet and I am really slipping at this point. I am hoping that if I try to keep my kids focused on Lent, I will become more focused again. We will revisit St. Joseph again in May.

St. Joseph, pray for my husband and our family.


  1. Yeah! St. Joseph's altar!! Love it!! :-)

  2. Thanks for the idea, Jaclyn. I just saw a family that did one at home and we are doing that next year! I loved it!!!